I'm Jade, and this is my inspiration/art promotion blog. I post things that inspire me, and sometimes things that I or my friends make that need the extra push. Expect to see lots of great painting, photography, illustration; just generally visual arts of all kinds! Also resources and reference posts that I find useful.

I always try to source art that I post here, but I fail sometimes. If I ever post something with a missing/incorrect source, please drop me an ask. Same goes for tagging triggers, or even just asking me how my day is. It's always open! :)

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19th September 2014

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Incredible crocheted food by Hipota

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19th September 2014

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Friendly reminder that if you ever see me post/reblog one of your pieces and you didn’t want me to do that, please MESSAGE ME!  I don’t always have the time to get full express permission to post everything that I do (I *ALWAYS* check to make sure they say it’s okay somewhere, but I rarely ask directly), but I put in effort, and I am NEVER trying to “steal art” here.

I say this because a lot of my art comes from other places (deviantart mostly, but some other locations), and while I try to see if those people have a tumblr I can reblog from, I quite often fail to find one only to actually discover their tumblr much later.  I always link back to the source, but sometimes that’s not enough (A lot of people on here don’t put in effort to click through to it).  The biggest problem here is that I’m human, and I often fail to research as well as I should.  I’m really sorry!

I’m also going to be looking into a way to find and post art in a more artist-friendly fashion…instead of using deviantart (Which, aside from being TERRIBLE to their users, does not have good communication as to where your art is shared, or good ways to prevent sharing), I think I’ll start using the individual artists’ tumblrs.  It’ll take a lot of work to get a good set of art tumblrs to work from, but it’d ensure that the artists know exactly where their art is at all times, and will give them full credit for all work.  It may take some time, but I hope to stop using deviantart entirely by the end of the year.

Back to the main subject though: I will always, ALWAYS, take down a post if asked to by the artist, or tag it differently, link elsewhere, etc…So if you are an artist, or know the artist, and you need a change, please shoot me an ask.  :)

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19th September 2014

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See of Rome (Der Heilige Stuhl) by r-lilie

See of Rome (Der Heilige Stuhl) by r-lilie

Tagged: artpaintingsurrealismsheetchairr-liliethe art of queuemyfinds

Source: r-lilie.deviantart.com

19th September 2014

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Infected - Zombie RPG artwork #2 by stayinwonderland

Infected - Zombie RPG artwork #2 by stayinwonderland

Tagged: illustrationRPGdisney worldzombieshorrorstayinwonderlandthe art of queuemyfinds

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19th September 2014

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Splash by Paul-Shanghai

Splash by Paul-Shanghai

Tagged: watermangraphiteartphotorealismPaul-Shanghaithe art of queuemyfinds

Source: paul-shanghai.deviantart.com

19th September 2014

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River cottage by faroutsider

River cottage by faroutsider

Tagged: riverconcept arttreesillustrationdigital artfaroutstriderthe art of queuemyfinds

Source: faroutsider.deviantart.com

19th September 2014

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Featherheart by Inku-inku

Featherheart by Inku-inku

Tagged: inkwashwatercolorfantasyarttreeInku-inkuthe art of queuemyfinds

Source: inku-inku.deviantart.com

19th September 2014

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so i haven’t updated this tumblr in forever. it’s filled with really old (awful!) work. anyway, here are some choice moments from my film i’ve been working on. it’s almost in sequence, but i had to cut out a few scenes to adhere to tumblr’s strict image guidelines without sacrificing too much quality. how do gifs work again?

Hey check out the work from a cool LCAD alumni, dawg. 

aaaaah this is the sort of 3D animation I wanna seeeee

(and do, honestly)

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18th September 2014

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Stills & artworks of “Bang Bang !” french animated short-film directed by Julien Bisaro (Ernest & Celestine). Watch trailer

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18th September 2014

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{ joy of nature }

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